Salman Khan Complete his promise

Salman completes promise, return 50 percent to distributors


Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s last film ‘Tubelight’ was not able to do much better at the box office. Thereby, the distributors of the film have suffered a lot. After which Salman had decided to accompany his father that he would make up for it. It was being said that there was a loss of about 60 to 75 crores from the ‘tube lights’ to the bidders.

Salman has returned 50 percent of the loss of Tubelightto the distributors. Distributors team chief Narendra Hirawat who bought tubelite for 130 crores She has met Salman Khan in this regard. He had decided in collaboration with Salman that he would return the amount to distributors upto 50%. Apart from this, they will do better in distributor’s interest.

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