Baahubali 2: full of 100 days


Has achieved the status of a historical movie. Talk about the rest of the films where some movies can not even run properly for 1 week. The Baahubali 2: The Conclusion movie continued for 100 days in theater theaters. This is a big deal for this industry. ‘Bahubali 2’ has done such a miracle. Today the film has been released for 100 days.

Bahubali’s Staggering Earnings

It has been half a year passed and there is no doubt that Prabhas ” Bahubali: The Kanaklujan has earned a bang. The record of this movie has not broken any film this year. Its total income was 511 crores in which the profit was 421 crores which means 468 percent.

Total 1075 crores in India

‘Bahubali: The Kanaklujan’ earned 1075 crores collection in India. Last week, the movie earned Rs 30 lakh. Talking about worldwide earnings, it is 1698 crores. Earlier this film started 400 million clubs, then cut the 500 million club lace. These two clubs are the only name of this successful successful movie.

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