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Which season will go to the right, in the valley of flowers, in Uttarakhand


You must have heard about the flowering valley. These beautiful flowers are situated in Uttarakhand. It stays with ice throughout the year. It is better to go here only in the month of June. Because in the middle of this month, the snow starts melting, and the flower of the buried igl-elephant species blooms. Which enhances the beauty of this place.

Flowering valleys in June

In June, huge glaciers are found in the flowering valley. This time snow starts melting and all the seeds of last year’s seeds begin to germinate. By July all flowers will be on full bloom.

Valley of flowers in July

As the month of July comes, the new beginning of flowers blooming in the valley of flowers begins to come back. And at the same time, the gold lily is seen from the second week of July. In the middle of July, the beauty of the flowers increases considerably.

When it discovered

This beautiful valley of flowers was first known by the British mountaineer Frank S. Smith and his partner RL Holdsworth in 1931.

Ice remains from November to May

This place is completely covered with snow cover from November to May. Colorful beautiful flowers bloom in the rest of the year.

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