Beard is your meter of health!


Virat Kohli

If you are a man, you must have laid a beard or a beard in the future, and if you are a woman then there will be a belief in your mind about the personality of bearded men.

Indeed, from the very beginning of the creation, the beard is begging for human beings. Be kept or not bearded. If kept, what style to be kept, how long it can be kept, etc. and so on.

In old-fashioned photographs, you have often seen sadhus saints or kings, Maharajas or warriors with bearded mustache. But over time the beliefs associated with beard have also changed. Now beard is also a fashion symbol. For instance, when Team India captain Virat Kohli kept his beard, thousands of his fans were seen increasing their beard in the same style.

Although the beard has a relation with religious beliefs, at the moment we will not discuss religion. We will see how the beard has a relation with a person’s personality. Do not shave your personality just as well as your personality.

If a person has dense and shiny hair on the beard, then it shows that his health is good. The thickness of the hair of the beard also shows that you are taking nourishing food properly.

On the contrary if the hair of the beard is thin, stiff and lifeless, then it indicates that health is not good. Many people do not shave on the whole face, but in some parts of the hair the hair grow sporadically. This can happen for genetic reasons or there may be some disease behind it.

There are also many advantages of keeping the beard. Generally, the skin of the face is faded due to constant exposure to dust, soil, pollution and sunlight. But keeping the beard protects the skin. Beard acts as a kind of armor for facial skin.

Sun’s harmful ultra-violet rays also damage the skin. But those who have bearded do not have the direct effect of these rays. If you keep a beard, then it should be taken care of. Sausage is very important in rainy weather or summer, so it is necessary to clean the hair of the beard, otherwise there is a risk of infection.

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